Friday, October 14, 2016

Toy Machine Toys.

Transistor Sect.

It only seems appropriate that a company named Toy Machine would make some actual toys. These were produced in 2000 and based off characters Ed Templeton would draw. There was also a Turtle Boy action figure. The one I have has a lot of price tag residue on the package so it's not looking great for a photo. I guess I could open it, but that seems a little pointless. Now that I think about it, skateboarding had a toy fascination going on at the tail end of the 1990s. There were models of pro skateboarders, the finger board explosion happened, and there was that adventure comic Dave Carnie made for Big Brother. We always have been living in interesting times.


Anonymous said...

i never really could get into toy machine.

nonickname said...

In my university days I was all over Toy Machine...but these days their decks look like something from a "random art generator". Someone types in "turtle boy+Zeppelin×collage" and whatever pops up is what said pro gets.

Ben said...

All tum yeto boards I have ever seen have way too mellow concave. The nose and tail are also flat.

White Ninja said...

Agreed on tum yeto. Have always been flat. Lose pop in a matter of days. Good for ledge dancing I guess

Justin said...

Foundation boards always seemed small to me. I've had a few Toy Machines and they were also a tad on the small side, even if a board was labeled as 8" x 32". I kind of got used to them and liked the wood, although the boards were kind of an acquired taste. I haven't had one in years.

In the Jump Off A Building era, the decks were better. I had a Mike Maldonado and a couple robot team boards that were great. Ed would also have guest artists to give things a little variety.

The current graphics seem a little phoned in and generic. I really do like their team and I'll buy the videos when they put them out.