Thursday, February 2, 2017

Chad Knight #2.

McTwist & Shout.

Chad is from Westerville, Ohio. He started skateboarding as a little kid and then rode a BMX bike before switching back to a skateboard. He was first sponsored by Mike Ternasky for H-Street after meeting him at Woodward Skate Camp. Chad was later on Evol, but left for Maple in 1995. He skates a whole variety of things, including street, mini ramps, and vert. His other sponsors included Pig Wheels, Edward Sebastian Clothing, and Osiris Shoes. After Maple ended, Chad rode for 1031 until he retired from the pro ranks in 2011.

The photo is by Ed Dominick.

Transworld - June 1996 Volume 14 Number 6

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Maurice said...

There's an episode of Built to Shred where he did a pivot to fakie on a 12 foot high wall. I was blown away by that.