Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Vinnie Ponte #4.

"There is only one word to say about Vinnie's skateboarding skills: "illumatic". He skates clean, smooth, and powerful. You will never find him backing down from anything if it involves going fat. Vinnie's a real cool guy and always has a positive attitude. Vinnie says "hi" to Periety, Alf, Troy Morgan, Fat Beats, Dogg Eat Dogg, Fat Vinnie, ESP Posse, Scott Sorenson, Cookie Head, Big Matt, and Scott, Chappy, and the Supreme Crew" - Caine Gayle

Dave Swift took the photo and Dave Kinsey did the design.

For the quote: Transworld - July 1995 Volume 13 Number 7

Transworld - April 1996 Volume 14 Number 4


Anonymous said...

interesting bit of info. both dave kinsey and jose gomez got their start in the industry from andy howell.

nonickname said...

Vinnie Ponte automatically makes me think of a puffy vest.

Maurice said...

Me, too. A red puffy vest.

Justin said...

Did Kinsey do stuff for Zero Sophisto? I was going to dig up either his Brain Floss or the Slap story on him, but I had a cold last week and didn't feel like trying.

Funny you should mention the red vest. There was a Thrasher Something Else with a sequence of Vinnie slamming while wearing the vest. I saw it yesterday when I was looking for new content. Silver Star.

Anonymous said...

yes he did do stuff for zero sophisto.