Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Matt Dove.

"Man, it's great being from the dark side. It gives such a better picture of originality, non-conformism, sarcasm, and fun. Back then vert was so big there scenes all over and people were working on tricks and no one would know about it."

Matt is from Baltimore, Maryland. He was sponsored by Autobahn Wheels and Volcom in addition to Silverstar. Some of his favorite vert skaters included Mike Conroy, Blaize Blouin, Allen Midgette, Bernie O'Dowd, Mike Frazier, Bucky Lasek, and Derek Krasauskas. He likes the Melvins. Matt is into painting and making art.

Ryan Gee took the photo.

For the quote: Thrasher - June 2003 Volume 23 Number 6

Thrasher - August 1997 Volume 17 Number 8


natenola said...

I think he was the dude that won X Games best trick vert the year after Tony Hawk did the 900, Tony did another 900 and they orginally gave him the win but Matt protested that it was a repeat trick. Matt was given the win later, he did ths weird fakie shove it into a fakie 720, it was a really cool trick, that was the only time ive seen it. Never knew he was on Silverstar.

Justin said...

That sounds about right. For the Thrasher interview I got the quote from, Matt was doing a frontside nollie kickflip on vert, caught clean and without grabbing.