Friday, February 3, 2017

Kien "Donger" Lieu #4.


Direction proceeds to go astray
Man and myth, come closer each day
From the facts of science, to religious views
Cycles twine, a third eye fuse
Seeing is believing, feelings get used
Loving materials can easily bruise
To face from facing the real inside
Can stray our natural instinctive climb
Growth at a pace, no games in this race
Life is to learn, to live on this place
We cannot blind, our minds from soul
Our spirits like others, have common goals
Forever to roam, the existing seas
Grow for our kind, to set our souls free.

In addition to big ollies, Kien dabbles in writing poetry.

Note: There was a list of team riders on the right side of the ad, but it got a little lost in the margin and didn't scan great so I cropped it out.

A fortress of trees on Monday.

Ed Dominick took the photo.

For the poem: Transworld - September 1993 Volume 11 Number 9

Transworld - July 1996 Volume 14 Number 7

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