Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Kris Markovich #18.

"The last video I saw that I really liked was Markovich's part in the Element video. He was doing his own shit and skating really fast. I haven't seen too much of that lately." - Dan Drehobl

Element released their Third Eye View video in 1998. Along with Kris, it featured parts from pros Reese Forbes, Billy Pepper, Mike Frazier, and Kenny Hughes. The ams were Tim O'Connor and Rob Pluhowski. Donny Barley was introduced as the new pro on the team, but only had a line of him cruising down the street doing a couple of big ollies. Markovich closed out the flick with his high speed destruction of a lot of street spots. There were large ollies and handrails to go with some flip tricks as well. He basically skates like he's been shot out of cannon. Everything is popped really high and caught clean. That's why he got the last part in so many videos over the years.

For the quote: Strength - Fall 1998 Volume 3 Issue Number 13

Transworld - August 1997 Volume 15 Number 8


chas one said...

Stoked on this. As it happens, we have a local, weekly skate video night and we're playing Third Eye Vision this week. Check out Hope you don't mind us stealing this post!

Justin said...

That's cool. Looks like a fun evening. Third Eye View is a nice little video.

Anonymous said...

I saw Chris Markovich for the first time ever when he rode for Epic at a contest in Stone Mountain GA.

Anonymous said...

Here is Kris in an Element commercial from 411vm issue 29. The ad posted is in this clip.