Friday, February 17, 2017

Reese Forbes #7.

The Giant Distribution Mini Ramp.

There's a mini ramp section in Third Eye View that features the team shredding the company's halfpipe. You even get a few tricks from Barker Barrett, who I believe was working for Element at the time. Everybody catches some air and throws down with the lip trickery. The Giant Ramp looks neat because it has a few different sizes and a flat bank to wall to give it a little variety. I always like watching mini ramp clips. I used to enjoy skating them, but as of late my transition skills have gone to complete crap. I'm not sure how that happened beyond getting old.

I've watched a couple parts from the new Foundation video, but not all of it. Did anybody skate to The Clean's "Oddity"? Using that song somewhere in the video would have made a lot of sense. I hope the F-Troop releases a DVD because watching stuff online sucks. Is there supposed to be a new Santa Cruz video sometime soon? There was a photo essay that hinted at such a thing in a recent issue of the Skateboard Mag.

Silverstar is coming up next.

Transworld - June 1998 Volume 16 Number 6

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Stoked for Silverstar.