Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Harold Hunter #4.

"Harold Hunter switch k grinds at home in the L.E.S. Sammy Glux took the flik. Everyone at Zoo York wants to send our respect out to Mike Cardona. Skating has lost another brother. Peace to you and your family. You will not be forgotten."

The late Harold Hunter rocking some Nice Skate Shoes in the Lower East Side. He first got coverage in Thrasher as a little kid in the late 1980s when they sent the staff out to NYC for an article on the Big Apple. It's always neat to see who sticks with skateboarding and does something with it when they grow up.

Note: I rotated both pages of the ad from how it ran in the magazine to make better visual sense for the internet. Also the copy was right on the margin and was somewhat lost to the scanner so I typed it in.

Sammy Glucksman was the photographer.

Strength - Volume 3 Number 14 Early Winter 1999


rnc said...

Lot of history in this post.

RIP Mike Cardona, skated with him at Newburgh

RIP Harold, last time I saw him was Washington Square Park a seriously long time ago.

Thanks for typing it out for us.

Justin said...

You're welcome.

I maybe should have left out the wheel page, but I hate it when things get cropped or left out.