Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Judd Hertzler #3.

House of Pancake.

Judd is originally from Groton, Connecticut and moved out to Sacramento for skateboarding. He was sponsored by Arsenal, Foundation, and the Unbelievers. Vans and Adio gave him some shoes. He won the third Tampa Am contest in 1997. Judd had parts in two Foundation videos - 1999's Nervous Breakdown and 2001's Art Bars Subtitles and Seagulls. He works as an art director and designer currently.

Jeff Landi took the photo.

Heckler - Issue #35 Summer 1999


nonickname said...

Is Groton a big place? Didn't B.A. and Donny Barley also come from there?

Justin said...

Nope. I looked it up - about 9,000 people or so. It's not really near anything per se, although CT is a small state so it's probably not too far away from anything else by car. Both BA and Barley are from Groton. Jim Greco and Tim Upson are also from Connecticut.

urich said...

Groton has one of the best DIY spots as well as a plethora of rippers! Look up Jay Burton!