Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Jesse Hotchkiss.

True to Self.

Based on what information I found on the Skate Park of Tampa's database, Jesse rode for 510 Skateshop, Satori Wheels, Upper Playground Clothing, and Silly Pink Bunnies. He had a part in Satori's 2004 video In Search of Roots and Culture. Jesse did a lot of big ollies and a couple handrails. He also had a few tricks in the third FTC video. He's a painter these days.

The photo is by Franklin. Anybody know a first name?

Heckler - Issue #54 May 2002


Anonymous said...

Such a mediocre photo... ad looks so thrown together too. Haha

Justin said...

Yeah, good trick, less than good pic. I honestly just needed something to fill out the week and my choices from Hecklers that would fit easily in my scanner were a little lean.

urich said...

oh man! i was gonna tell ya the photographers name and then i saw the comments. PMA is rad. highfives