Friday, March 17, 2017

Jahmal Williams #4.

Hoppin' Fine Art Friday.

The photos are by Ben Colen.

Strength - Volume 3 Number 14 Early Winter 1999


nonickname said...

Sorry that this doesn't have to do with the post but I just bought the re-issue of my first 'real' pro deck from a long time ago (Templeton 'woof cat'), and I couldn't believe how it felt to get it. You feel old and ready to go try boardslides on the curbs at your old high school all over again. Going to wait for warmer/drier weather, get some bigger wheels on it and just go have some fun. High top Nike flights to complete the nostalgia might not happen though. Happy Spring everyone.

Justin said...

That's awesome. I always liked that board.

There was freezing rain or light sleet or something on the drive into work this morning. It was hard to see it, but I could hear it hitting the car. Hard to believe February had warmer and better weather than March.