Friday, May 1, 2009

Ed Templeton #7.

The poor guy tries to squeeze in skateboard time between art shows only to get rained out in Barcelona.

This is unrelated to Ed, but has anyone else noticed that in some of the current ads with Antwaun Dixon, it appears he has fewer face tattoos? Are they using older photos, Photoshop or different lighting techniques to make it seem like he has less ink? Because at this point any advice for him slow it down a little is a moot point.

Transworld - April 2000 Volume 18 Number 4


Royce said...

Older pics.

C&H said...

yeah, i noticed that too. considering he probably gets new ink every two days or so, it's gonna be hard to track.

justin said...

The one Supra ad for his pro model shoe has super bright lights on his face. You can barely make out the forehead tattoos. The Krew ad is an older photo.