Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tim Brauch #5.

Este was a clothing company that Tim did with Salman Agah. It was backed by Sessions. Tim found the bird logo, which isn't used in this particular ad, on a trip to Spain. The very first ad used the same bird logo, but the company was named Talon. That quickly changed to Este. Some of the riders on the team included Darren Navarette, Charlie Wilkins, Richard Kirby, Crazy Eddie and Jason Adams.

Transworld - October 1995 Volume 13 Number 10


smorales said...

Derby park! That is a great ollie over that hip.

Mr. Buttermaker said...

Back in the day, I had the este shirt, and hat...had the hat till the color started to bleed on my head when I wore it...that was a great logo..Never forget Beans

justin said...

My dumb ass didn't even realize that particular Este ad didn't have the logo in it until I posted it today. Whoops.