Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Israel Forbes.

Israel rode for SMA until NHS merged the company with Santa Cruz. I liked his part set to CCR in the slightly Mexican themed El Video Número Tres video. The video featured Jason Adams, Frank Hirata, Ron Whaley, Paul Sharpe, Tim Brauch and Hideo Sackuragi. The soundtrack had a good sampling of early 90s listening habits for many and included NOFX, White Zombie, Ween, Quicksand, The Sex Pistols, Dinosaur Jr. and more Ween. Somebody at SMA liked the Ween.

Israel stuck with the Dot as did Ron and Tim. Hirata and Sharpe moved to Foundation. Jason went to Scarecrow and then Sonic before hooking up with the Black Label.

The photos are by Thomas Campbell.

Thrasher - October 1994 Volume 14 Number 10

Note on Steve Olson from yesterday: He skates regular. Which means there is no way in hell he is doing a switch 360 flip. Maybe a 360 flip, but from the position of the feet and the board, the safe money is on an inward heelflip. Transworld didn't run a correction or anything. Let's chalk this up to either the photographer forgetting what the trick was or an editor wanting to make the mag seem more advanced than it was at the moment.


Anonymous said...

I don't know the exact chronology, but maybe Jason Adams and Creature came first and then once that folded he started up Scarecrow.

I do know Jason Adams was on the first iteration of the Creature brand along with Chet Childress, and Chad Fernandez came later. I remember that they had an ad in an issue of 411VM, and the music was — of course — some black metal. Kids just weren't into it at the time; but damn, kids are up on that Creature shit now.

—Rikku Markka

justin said...

Was Jason Adams on Creature?

I need to check this out when I get home today. Tomorrow's post might be a Creature/Scarecrow ad with the appropriate chronology.

The initial incarnation of Scarecrow (or possibly Creature) had Jason and Barker Barrett. The later version included Dorian Tucker and Thom Hornung. Skim The Fat includes Tony Cox, Ben Horton, Josh Kasper and Crazy Eddie on the list of riders for their 1996 Scarecrow video.

Jamie Thomas also rode for their wheel company.

When Creature got going the first time under NHS, they had Darren Navarrette, Chet Childress, Chad Fernandez, Doug Shoemaker and I believe Jake Rupp.

justin said...

Jason was on Creature when it started. There were some brand ownership issues with Ross Pope and NHS, which is why Scarecrow started. I don't have the time right now to sort all this stuff out, but I will post something about the history of Creature and Scarecrow in the not so distant future.

threadbare. said...

Jason sorts out the chronology in this interview here:


And does anyone have digitized copies of the Scarecrow and Creature vids? Much gratitude for some links! Adams just tears it up, what the 90s needed after the Alva crew faded with Danforth and Hartsel.

threadbare. said...
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