Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ronnie Bertino.

Ronnie was one of the new kids that pushed street skating in the early 1990s. He turned pro for Think, but soon left for the greener pastures of Steve Rocco's empire. He rode for Blind and Plan B. When Plan B folded, Ronnie found a sponsor with ATM. He is no longer pro, but is the domestic sales manager with ATM these days. 48 Blocks recently posted an interview with him.

Orion was a 1990s truck brand out of the Tracker camp. They had a solid team of big names, including Rob Dyrdek, Eric Koston, Steve Berra, Kris Markovich and Kareem Campbell to name a few. The company lasted into the early 2000s.

Transworld - December 1995 Volume 13 Number 12


Old School Sammy said...

You can still guy Orions, and they still make a damned good truck.

justin said...

Whoa. Maybe you can. The Climax website looks somewhat current. I figured once Dyrdek bailed for Silver that it was over.

In the Big Brother truck review issue, Rodney Mullen talked about how all the street guys like Koston and Mariano dug the Orions.

Anonymous said...

Bertino's part in Second Hand Smoke was a mind blower. People talk about the switch back lip, but to me the best things were:
1. his street lines that were 6 and 7 tricks long
2. the nollie back heel down 7 (the same set J. Wray 3-flips to start his part)
3. the Duffs Strombolis he wore, especially the white ones with the black sole
4. the Hieroglyphics song

—Rikku Markka

Anonymous said...

Bertino skated for 23 and Kastel (which Big Brother called KastelShoeCoUSA heh) for a while, before he hooked up with ATM.

Keith said...

Orion had a pretty stacked team for a while there. Never rode a set due to Indy loyalty.

Bertino photos always look awesome.

mb said...

I had a set of these back in the day and they were actually not bad. Red anodized hangers looked cool. They were straight copies of indys though, kinda ironic that they came from Larry Balma really.
As Old School Sammy says, I think you can still get them, I'm sure I've seen them in Concrete Wave ( now there's a weird mag ) in association with Gravity boards, which I think are also something to do with Tracker/Climax.