Friday, May 8, 2009

Tim Brauch #7.

There's no way you can talk about Tim Brauch without mentioning the Beautiful Men's Club. The BMC was started in 1996 when Jason Adams, Salman Agah, Lance Dalgart and Tim were watching a Sean Connery movie. At some point during the film Salman said, "Sean Connery's a beautiful man." The rest is history.

The BMC was all about fun. They were into cheap beer, Schwinns and hot dog roasts. The official salute was an index finger raised to the eyebrow, which was based on a gesture made by the Hamm's bear.

Some other members of the club included Kris Markovich, Ron Whaley, Dave Carnie, Ed Nemeth, Scotty Greathouse, Jai Tanju, J.J. Rogers, Todd Prince and John Lucero.

When Tim passed away, that was more or less the end of the BMC as an official beer drinking, meat eating entity. The torch of promoting goodwill and silliness in San Jose skateboarding was picked up by the Tiltmode Army. You still see "Never Forget Tim Brauch" stickers in Tiltmode group photos.

The photo is by Lance Dalgart.

Thrasher - July 1998 Volume 18 Number 7

For BMC info: Skateboarder - April 2001 Volume 10 Number 5


smorales said...

Tim Brauch week was good times. Too bad he's not around to get a giggle out of it.

PK said...

I'm putting a film together for him, see it a t the 11th Annual Tim contest in San Jose Sept 2009.