Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tim Brauch #2.

This week is going to be all about Tim Brauch. It has been ten years now since he passed away. Tim was an amazing skateboarder who rode everything with style and power. He had a congenital heart condition that was not supposed to be a problem, but unfortunately that was not the case. Tim died after having dinner with his girlfriend and her parents. He had been skating earlier in the day with Chet Childress and Jason Adams.

Transworld - September 1992 Volume 10 Number 9

The biographical info is from an article written by Jai Tanju in Big Brother - August 1999 Number 51



great job, i love your blog! nice. I took some info of lory rigsby, thanks! good job

Mr. Buttermaker said...

Este Clothing with salman...and I think that SMA ad was shot at the church ramp in San Jose...never forget Beans

justin said...

That is the church ramp in SJ.
Este will be later in the week.