Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spitfire #4.

Mickie Alba was the first pro to be in a Spitfire ad. He is Steve Alba's younger brother and rode for Dogtown at the time. MALBA was an all around ripper who also did well in contests, routinely placing in the top five with the likes of Tony Hawk, Chris Miller and Bod Boyle.

Coco Santiago was riding for Shut at this point. He would go on to ride for Real in the not so distant future. He stuck with the Fire for wheels.

Top: Thrasher - September 1989 Volume 9 Number 9

Chris Ortiz took the photo.

Bottom: Thrasher - November 1989 Volume 9 Number 11

Bill Thomas took the photo.


smorales said...


Old School Sammy said...

Malba was one of my favorites as a high school kid, along with Blackhart, Cab and Salba---I actually had the MALBA K-Beam set up with stage one Indy's and Blue Kryptos (and the Indy Grindmasters!)---damn I wish I still had that set-up---I was one of those guys who either gave away or sold his old decks on the cheap to kids that needed them--something I still do 25 plus years later. Anything to have the next generation of skaters not have to struggle to get on board.

Justin said...

Dogtown in the late 1980s/early 1990s had a really good team. MALBA, Ben, Dressen, Cardiel, Karma, Wade, J.J., etc.

I usually give away my old boards to kids, too. Sometimes they actually offer to buy them from me, but I never take more than $5. One of the great things about being old and working is that you have the money for a new deck every month or two. Too bad you have less time to ride.

Old School Sammy said...

I wish I had more time too--my Son loves to skate (he's 5), and I wish work didn't get in the way of taking him out to roll. He was already going up and fakie down the 9 foot 1/4 pipe at the local park when he was barely 4. I set up him nice with a Termite, Koston Indy Golds and Purple Ricta Crystals---he's good to go!