Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Video killed the magazine star.

Transworld - August 1993 Volume 11 Number 8


Anonymous said...

411 was so good, and really hit its stride when the issues got up into the 30s. There's a whole slew of VHS copies for sale right now in my local shop (including issue number 2). I hate that it had to end, because I hate all the years you have to wait in between video releases for board and shoe companies; e.g. Lakai took seven years to put out their first video. And also, I don't want to have to look at videos online. I'd rather have a physical copy.

-- Rikku Markka

El Clavo said...

411 #6 was the first video I ever owned. I watched it a thousand times a day for a year.

Justin said...

I agree.

Keith said...

My friends and I went on a mini trip down to Syracuse, NY and we popped by a skate shop and they had 411#1. Dude at the counter said it was totally worth it. We grabbed a copy and we were super stoked. The Jeremy Wray profile and iirc, the last chaos had all that crazy Pulaski footage with Andy Stone.