Friday, May 21, 2010

Dave Duren.

Vert Is Dead turns two today.

Dave was pro for New Deal and Media in the 1990s. He had a smooth style with lots of clean flip tricks. I watched his part from Children Of The Sun on YouTube yesterday. I also watched 411 #2 and Dave had a lot of footage in that as well.

Thrasher - November 1993 Volume 13 Number 11


smorales said...

bon anniversaire

Old School Sammy said...

Happy Birthday VID! Here's to many more! It's only 11 AM here in Connecticut, but I will hoist a cold one for you and the blog right now!

Wishing you many more years of skate-related goodness!!!

Keith said...

Happy 2nd!

Dave Duren's Children of the Sun part was definitely different... no sliding or grinding on anything! I was always looking forward to his next part to see if he would bust any ledge tricks. Dude was smooth for sure.

Anonymous said...

Dave was also on Element for a bit as well. Something happened with them that led him to go ride for Media, which BTW, used to be Bike skateboards. A horrible name for a skateboard company, and they ultimately got cease and desist letters from Bike helmets that led to the name change.

--Rikku Markka

Anonymous said...

I'm originally from DeLand, Florida (Dave's hometown). When Dave went to California, hooked up with New Deal, and started to get coverage in Transworld, my friends and I were stoked. Everyone in Central Florida knew how great a skater Dave was and it was cool seeing a local ripper get national attention.

Happy Second Anniversary! I just discovered this site and it has already become a daily destination.

--Shawn Watkins

justin said...


I wasn't sure if Dave was the right choice for today, but I couldn't find anything else that stood out. I'm glad I went with him because I figured people would be stoked.

I didn't notice the no grinding in the Children Of The Sun part. The fakie pop shove it up the stairs is cool. I forgot all the little accidents of running into people he had at the start of the clip.

New Deal got rid of their pros in the mid 1990s and that was why Dave would have switched to Element. I left Bike out on purpose.

justin said...

Big thanks to Chromeball Incident and Police Informer. I never would have started this site if it wasn't for you guys.

I also wasn't going to do this if the Vert Is Dead domain name was taken.

smorales said...

Just realized the last 30 posts have been from 1993. Subconscious time travel.

Namdev said...

Happy Birthday VID! I definitely look forward to your posts on the daily. Thanks.

iSapien 1956672 said...

Dave was a down to earth guy, sat and chatted with him at a Duff's demo in like 1997-98, he sprained his ankle, he was bummed. I should scan the pic from that demo to prove it on mai blog. er i mean clog

Matt said...

Happy 2nd B-day, I enjoy the site.
Anyone remember Clyde Singleton's nickname for him at a Tampa contest? "Double D HIV", pretty mean for having no merit.
I think he works in the office at Deluxe nowadays, or he did as of a couple months back. Heard he can still flip a board very well.

Anonymous said...

he was double d hiv cuz he slept with the crazy stripper girl they had been hanging out with on a florida big brother tour

C. J. said...

I got Children Of the Sun right when it came out. After seeing Dave's part, he was my favorite skater. I still sorta bite his style til this day! I'm 29 years old!