Thursday, May 6, 2010

Corey Chrysler #2.

Corey jumps a big gap at EMB.

Is his name spelled Corey or Cory?

I rode a lot of Consolidated boards and wheels in college. They had a deal where you could order directly from the company and it was a little bit cheaper. I've been trying to remember what boards I had exactly and the list ends up being shorter than I think it should be. I'm trying to figure out what I rode in the summers, too. I know I had a Frankie Hill barbarian, a Karma Tsocheff with the cheerleader, a Karma with an electric guitar, the Andy Roy with directions on how to throw a hand grenade, an Alan Petersen that was red and white with a small logo and an AP with an hour glass on it. I think I had a Daredevil team board with a bunch of the little devil heads on it, too. I know I go through boards faster these days because I have the money, plus with school and winters back then I wasn't skating as much.

Transworld - January 1993 Volume 11 Number 1


Keith said...


I've never owned anything Consolidated.

Anonymous said...

i wish i owned something consolidated

jimmy the pick said...

Corey Chrysler was a bad dude. remember the add where his face was all bitten up by a police dog? He was bad. OG from Norwalk right? you gotta be down if your from Norwalk.