Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Justin Regan.

Before he got a special pro shoe on Emerica, Regan was doing backside 180 fakie nose grinds as a sponsored am for Channel One.


Some follow up on ATM & 60/40:

ATM rebranded with Mike Manzoori, Mario Rubalcaba, etc. in May 1994.

There are a couple of ATM ads that look like somebody was trying to rip off the Gonz's art from late 1993/early 1994. I'm not sure if they were, but it doesn't have the authentic Gonz feel. It's entirely possible that Mark drew on or with something that was hard to reproduce. Given that 60/40 would start a couple of months later, this does make things rather suspect.

60/40 started in April 1994.
Based on ads in Transworld, Kools went from June 1994 to November 1994.

Both 60/40 and Kools were backed by Richard Metiver (Union).
Gonz was still on 60/40 as of November 1995.
I haven't checked past that, although he would have switched to Real shortly.

Transworld - July 1993 Volume 11 Number 7

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smorales said...

Interesting time line. I like Regan's chucks in that one. He's always seemed like a good industry dude.