Friday, February 17, 2012

Black Label Winter 1992 Catalog.

This is a Black Label catalog from late 1992 or early 1993. It has boards for all your obscure favorites like Randy Colvin, Max Evans, Shawn Martin and Skip Pronier. The envelope I had this in was postmarked February 1993, but a Black Label ad elsewhere on this website for the John Cardiel candy deck is from 1992 so I'm saying it's from that year.

Of note is Jason Dill's debut pro model with the Cypress Hill rip off graphic. We learned in a Raiders Of The Lost Archives episode with John Lucero that Dill bailed on the Label as the boards were at the screen printers. Also worth noting is the Cardiel deck with the graphics by Mark Gonzales. I had the Cards deck with the Mexican woman on it.

It's going to be 1993 for a week starting on Monday.

Happy 8th anniversary to Skate Daily.


jdmzrx said...

Great memories! 92' was the year John asked me to ride for label.Car trip to SF with Skip, Aaron, Max, and Cards. Don't remember Dill having a pro-model. I believe that was Gino "I love NY". Oh well. Memories....

Keith said...

I don't remember Dill having a pro model either. He went to color next right? Or was it Blockhead? I don't think he had a pro model until 101 and even in snuff, I think he was stil am.

I remember that Juan Cardiel board! And that zig zag board from a pic of Gino doing a bs flip in Big Brother.

justin said...

The Dill board was never released. John Lucero showed off the art in the Raiders Of The Lost Archives episode and explained what happened. Dill went from Blockhead to Black Label and then Color before 101.