Friday, February 10, 2012

TV Guide #1.

This is the first 'zine that Ed Templeton and Mike Vallely did for TV. TV was started after they both left the New Deal. It was backed by Brad Dorfman at Vision. TV did not last long, as Ed and Mike joined with Dean Christal of Zero Two and changed the name to Television. Television was around for even less time than TV. After the broadcasting was all over, Ed started Toy Machine and Mike went back to Powell. The rest is history.

TV Guide #1 is from April 1992.

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Troy Eckles said...

Skate Co. zines > Skate Co. websites.

Mike V's rant about jock skateboarding is funny in retrospect.

Hard to believe that Toy Machine is almost 20 years old. How many fly-by-night board companies has Mike V had over the last twenty years? Four? Five?