Monday, February 20, 2012

Mike Cao.

OG EMB head.

Mike was an amateur for the New Deal and then one of the first three pros on Justin Girard's Mad Circle. Chris Fissell was the third and Scott Johnston soon was the fourth.

This was a request from Desmond from about a year ago. I'm sorry it took so long to get around to it. Apparently there is a lack of Cao on the internet. I figured Chrome Ball would have had a post on him, but not as yet. I'll have one more next week.

Thanks to Roger for stopping by. Also thanks to Justin Ortiz for sharing some cool Black Label stories in the comments.

By the way, it's 1993 all week long.

Transworld - June 1993 Volume 11 Number 6


ELantto said...

I remember skating EMB and Wing Ding was the worst viber out of the OG crew. I got along with all those cats but, little dude was always vibing youngsters. I watched him yell some pretty shitty things at a girl walking by and Chico stood by and told him to shut up. Wing Ding puffed up for a second and Chico slapped him in the head and his hat went flying. I thought I was going to see a good brawl but, Wing Ding sat his ass down. Dude had good style but, a real shitty attitude. Stories, we all got some right?

fiends with dreams said...

So was jake Vogel. He bail a trick and the. Look around and if anyone saw he would yell at you and say "I hate people stare at
Me when I skate, niggas make me mess up"