Wednesday, February 22, 2012

John Cardiel #8.

I've been casually following a few comment threads on what the smallest wheels made in the big pants/small wheel days were. Toxic had some 39 mm ones that I figured were the smallest until I found this ad. It looks like Spitfire has taken the lead with a 38.6 mm wheel.

Another somewhat interesting discovery about Spitfire is that they didn't use the Flame Head logo very often in ads during the 1992 - 1994 years. It was first used in May 1992. They really liked the firefly logo thing and the Evel Knievel inspired number one.

Thanks to Black Label for the link.

Thrasher - April 1993 Volume 13 Number 4


heavy metal chuck said...

i think bullet had a 38mm as the 38 special and i think kareem campbell had a 36mm

Anonymous said...

I believe Andy Howell came up with Spitfire's head logo. I do know for a fact that he designed the Thunder heart grenade logo.

Lucas said...

New School had 38s.

justin said...

Kevin Ancell designed the Flame Head logo.

I'll look around when I get the chance to see if I can find something for the Bullet 38 Special. That makes sense. Ditto for the New School 38's.

What was that one blank board/wheel company? UFO? I bet they cranked out some tiny wheels. I wonder how small Counterfit got with their wheels?

Unknown said...

I was working at a skate shop around this time. I think 101 had at set of wheels called NATAS animals that might of been 35mm or 36mm.