Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thomas Morgan #4.

Film instead of video grabs.

I deem a lot of the Alien Workshop ads from this time period unusable because they used video grab sequences that are too grainy to be worth scanning. It's kind of too bad because they had some good layouts and art in the ads that are tempting to scan.

I had the wood version of this board in the summer of 1993 before I went back to college for my sophomore year. It was orange. I think it had a blue top ply, but I could be wrong. I was also riding some tiny Spitfires and Ventures. I want to say my next board was a Consolidated Frankie Hill with the barbarian lady graphic. Yeah, that seems about right.

Dave Swift took the pictures. The sculpture is by Mike Hill.

Transworld - June 1993 Volume 11 Number 6

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Damaged said...

That sculpture almost looks like a precursor to the Android mascot. Skaters ahead of their time one more time!