Thursday, February 9, 2012

One More 1992 Catalog.

After Vision fell apart and a short stint on Planet Earth, Ken Park started One More Skateboard Company. He also created the Phat Klown Clothing Company. The team for One More included Ken, Jason Carney, Brian Tucci, June Cate and Jeff Davis. The riders for Phat Klown were Matt Hensley and Alan Petersen.

Judging by the ads that ran in Transworld, One More lasted about six to eight months. I feel sorry for Ken. He went from a reasonably respected vert pro of the 1980s to having a failed attempt at a skateboard start up in the early 1990s. One More's name comes up every so often and I figure this sheds a little light on the company.


Anonymous said...

Krap Nek!

--Rikku Markka

Damian Stachelski said...

I know they made a video back in the day. I'm thinking 1991, maybe super early 92. Super obscure. Someone's gotta find it and upload it. The copies are out there.