Monday, February 1, 2016

Brad Cromer.

Getting it straight by riding for Krooked.

Brad is from Jupiter, Florida. He once beat Jonas Wray in a game of SKATE during one of the Tampa Pro contest weekends. His prize was an autographed Media deck from Jonas. Magenta pro Ben Gore was an early influence on Brad. He's not a huge fan of social media, but is a fan of what Fucking Awesome and Quasi are doing for skateboarding right now. Keith Hufnagel just awarded him a pro model shoe. Brad also rides for Thunder, Spitfire, Brixton, and Shred Shed Skateshop.

Super was a short lived clothing company. Tony Larson, formerly of Girl, did a lot of the artwork. John Motta, Marquis Preston, Ryan Spencer, Chris Roberts, and Kurt Winter all rode for the team. Super was only around for maybe a year tops.

For the background: Thrasher - March 2016 Volume 36 Number 3

The Skateboard Mag - May 2011 Issue 86

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