Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Rob Gonzalez #2.

Chill Rob Gee.

Rob is from Long Beach, California. He rode for Entity and Shaft before the New Deal. The Deal turned him pro in 1998. He later rode for Cairo Foster's Popwar before starting Listen with Danny Montoya. Listen evolved into Boulevard (BLVD) in 2010 and is still going today. Rob's part in Seven Year Glitch was a good mix of solid street skateboarding. He did some handrails, some tech tricks, and a whole lot of nollie heelflips. His part features guest appearances from Montoya and Steffan Attardo. Rob helps give the video a friendly vibe as he appears in a lot of the before part introductions.

Transworld - May 2001 Volume 19 Number 5


nonickname said...

the decks in that ad, and those in the previous post are pretty damn bland,almost to the point of mini logo stuff. If the Andy Howell era was known for overly elaborate designs (which didn't age well...I know, blasphemy) these went completely the other way.

Justin said...

I was noticing that when I was scanning these. The deck graphics stink of a lack of effort. I think they were making a big push for Element at the time and didn't know what to do with the New Deal. Nothing against the skaters in the video because they all are really good, but 7YG turned out as a somewhat mediocre video as a whole. It's well filmed and edited, too. I think they probably knew it was going to end in a year or so and just wanted to do the best they could.

I like how they went back to using yellow like the original ads. The ads from 2002 are kind of bad, but the board graphics got a little more creative.

DelgadoCommCollege said...

those graphics are actually all done by Todd Francis and Natas. I think theyre pretty cool, but i guess its opinions.

Justin said...

It's not like they are horrible, they just feel generic. A rider's initials on a solid background isn't the most exciting thing ever. Some of the other graphics are a little too small in the ads to tell what exactly is going on.