Thursday, February 11, 2016

Skateboard 'Zines.

I will often write for 'zines that get reviewed in Thrasher. I've been slipping on that as of late and the fact a lot of people don't include an address doesn't help overcome my occasional laziness. Here's a few stickers that I was stoked on having:

Cold Ones was made by Andy from San Jose. The couple of issues I have were from about 2004. It featured lots of skateboarding, beer, and some punk rock CD reviews. Basically, that's everything a good skateboard 'zine should have.

Skate & Annoy started off as a print 'zine and then took to the internet as a great website. It's run by Kilwag up in Portland, Oregon. This sticker is from a paper issue I have that very much resembles the current website in terms of content. It included an interview with the Godoy brothers, an installment of Neil's eBay Watch, obscure skateboard related stuff, and lots of photos. There were also music and video reviews.

Pool Dust is the long running project of Wez Lundry. Wez is a writer for Thrasher and does the 'Zine Thing column as well as music articles. He's got a Ph.D in Political Science from Arizona State. He used to be sponsored by Alva back in the day.

The crappy E.T. and Your Dumb are by Michael Sieben. Your Dumb is brilliant. I think I got these when I ordered the full set of his Programed From India 'zine.

A couple of notes: I did find a Real catalog and the J.T. Aultz cat sticker is his first pro graphic. It's from 2004. I'm planning on using next week to look back at New Deal's Seven Year Glitch video, clips of which have been popping on Thrasher's website recently. Spooky.

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