Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Crailtap Family.

Here's a smattering of stickers from Girl:

Crailtap is the Girl and Chocolate website that was started in the very late 1990s. It was intended as an online magazine, but as the web evolved, it turned into a blog with daily updates. Tha Tap is still going today with updates from your favorite Girl employees.

Ruby Republic was a clothing line for women. I don't think they are still making anything. I want to say Brad Staba might have had a board for them somehow.

I miss when companies made stickers for pro riders. It's probably not practical these days with such a fast turn around on graphics. It is a nice touch when it happens, such as Brandon Biebel's name expressed in pictures.

I just think this Chocolate logo looks neat.

Finally, there is a sticker for Chomp On This, the Pac-Man themed photographer video from 2002. It featured parts from master lensmen Ryan Gee, Giovanni Reda, Ako Jefferson, Atiba Jefferson, Lee Dupont, Ty Evans, and Gabe Morford. There were also montages of top pros and amateurs, along with full parts from Eric Koston, Brandon Biebel, and Jamie Thomas.


nonickname said...

great, now I have "hoo-doo!" stuck in my head...thanks. But as for pro stickers I can clearly remember biking to "Off the Wall" in the next town over on my bike as a kid (before I skated) just to buy stickers and getting Neil Blender G&S sketch ones, pretty sure it got wasted on my math binder.

Justin said...

I stuck a bunch of good ones on an aquarium I had because that seemed like a permanent place to put them. No such luck, but it looked neat. If I ever venture into having fish again, I might considering stickering the tank up.