Thursday, February 4, 2016

Nestor Judkins #2.

The Midnight Special.

Nestor was born in Palo Alto and grew up in Los Gatos, California. His mom is from Spain so they visited there often when he was younger. He was an am for Santa Cruz before joining up with enjoi. He turned pro for the Panda in 2011. His sponsors include RVCA, Krux, Adidas, and Pig Wheels. He's into photography for a hobby. The rumor is he keeps his bolts so loose on his trucks that he super glues the kingpin nut in place so it doesn't fall off. Nestor has the first part in Tilt Mode Army's Bonus Round video from 2009 and delivers a smooth batch of skateboard tricks. He's got a good style and does more switch stuff than I realized. I watched most of Bonus Round again last night. That's a fun video.

Transworld - June 2011 Volume 29 Number 6

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