Monday, February 15, 2016

Chad Tim Tim.

Seven Year Glitch.

The New Deal started back in 1990 when Paul Schmitt, Andy Howell, and Steve Douglas decided to embark on a different venture. They ended Schmitt Stix and left Vision to start a new company. The New Deal took off fairly quickly and the brand quickly grew in popularity and size. After a couple of years, Andy Howell started Underworld Element, which morphed into Element and became the primary concern at Giant Distribution. The Deal kept going with a few team changes over the years. At one point it was just a generic board brand, but then an am team was added. In the late 1990s, the New Deal built up a pro team and returned to having models for the riders.

Around about 2000, the New Deal started working on a new video. Ricki Bedenbaugh was the man in charge of putting everything together. He was the primary filmer and edited the video. Seven Year Glitch was released in early 2002. The last video they put out was 1994's Children of the Sun and the gap between videos was the inspiration for the project's title. I think I got my copy at Shebang Skateshop in Erie, Pennsylvania. They had an indoor park with a good mini ramp that I would hit up to skateboard during the winter months.

Seven Year Glitch featured full parts from the pro team of Chad Tim Tim, Rob Gonzalez, Lincoln Ueda, Ryan Johnson, Fabrizio Santos, Ricky Oyola, Chad Bartie, and Kenny Reed. It also had a split part with the am team. The amateurs at the time were Brandon Jacobson, Mike Manidis, and Tim Achille. I watched it again yesterday. It's primarily a street vid with Lincoln handling vert duties and some pool skating from RJ.

Chad Tim Tim is from Long Beach, California. He was an am for New Deal and turned pro for them. After the Deal died, he rode for Cairo Foster's Popwar. When that ended, he made the in-house switch over to Element. He is still on Element today. He had the opener in Seven Year Glitch and put down a lot of smooth tech lines, both switch and regular.

Transworld - September 2001 Volume 19 Number 9

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