Friday, February 26, 2016

Dan Drehobl #19.


Dan is originally from Brunswick, Maine. He was first sponsored by Who Skates out of the Pine Tree state. There was a brief stint on Foundation before getting the boot via print advertising. He would soon turn pro for Think and stayed with them until Mark Gonzales offered him a spot on Krooked in the early 2000s. Cancer is still pro for Krooked after all these years. Dan had a spot on Emerica, but left for Vans. He had a pro shoe on Vox. I think he is currently on Converse.

Transworld - September 2001 Volume 19 Number 9


Henry York said...

I REMEMBER THIS AD! He's wearing one of my favorite Reynolds colorways.

nonickname said...

I always found it odd that ads for new shoes would have the riders in other footwear. You'd think they'd have photos of them in samples/first run shoes to go with the ads.

nonickname said...

hit 15 here today (bout 60) so after some road hockey with the kids went to the school where I had waxed a curb in the fall...unskateable due to tonnes of road salt all over the place. so settled for some ollies over the manhole covers on my street. c'mon spring!

Justin said...

Nice. It was warmer here, but I was out of commission with a head cold so it didn't matter. Still got in a couple ollies on the street.

The attention to detail person in me agrees that the rider should be wearing the shoe in the photo in the ad. Part of me also appreciates that skateboarding was still low key enough to get away with not caring that the shoes didn't match. And you can't fault Dan for wearing the Andrew Reynolds model. This was probably his last ad for Emerica. The company changed up and reduced their team a little to focus on This Is Skateboarding.