Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Gershon Mosley #3.

Benihana to fakie in a small room.

After riding for Santa Cruz, Gershon left for Grind King. GK started making boards at the time after starting out as a hardware and truck company. Eric Dressen was even on the team. G-Mos would switch to Powell in 1994.

We've been getting some much needed rain so I haven't been rolling around too much the last few days. A break is kind of a good thing. Although one nearby town just reopened their skatepark. The place isn't too great and you had to wear helmet, but it appears they got rid of that requirement. I'm curious to check it out again. The village also did the chip and seal treatment to my street, which kills any chance of skateboarding for a couple minutes on days I'm worn out. It sucks because my road was so nice and smooth and now it is buried under a layer of aggregate held in place with asphalt. I think the crap goes away eventually. I've been trying to think of what other roads have been sealed recently and seeing what condition they are in after some time has passed. Summertime blues.

Sean Dolinsky took the photo.

Transworld - May 1993 Volume 11 Number 5


Anonymous said...

Gershon is so sick. I feel that he never got the shine he deserved. He was in all the magazines and videos but still...he ruled. Quick feet, pop, tranny, rails, gaps, you name it, he could step to it.

Justin said...

I agree with that.