Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Small Room Skateboards.


This is a sampling of a few of the various boards Small Room made. You can see how the graphics evolved a little bit to more resemble the photocopy art in the ads. I like the off center and unusual placement of the art. Leaving exposed wood grain was a somewhat common trend back in the 1990s that has resurfaced in the last few years. It's neat that California Cheap Skates gave them the third page in their catalog from the summer of 1992.

Decks: California Cheap Skates Winter 1991/1992 Catalog

Full page: California Cheap Skates - Summer 1992 Catalog


Anonymous said...

so do you have a bunch of ccs catalogs?

Justin said...

I got a lot of 'em. Were you the person who requested scans of the boards?

Ben said...

Scan them all!

nonickname said...

CCS? Scan some old shoe lineups please! MC Raps or long lost things like NSS.

Justin said...

Ah, Nice Footwear. They sponsored some guys who are pretty good.

I am thinking about putting together a week of Etnies since they turn 30 this year.

I'll dig through the CCS catalogs and see what's good. It might be worthwhile. I sort of find catalogs a little bit bland, which is why I seldom scan anything from them. The pictures got too small as skateboarding grew.