Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Louis Carleton.

Shedding some light on the Small Room.

Louis was the owner. He had previously worked at Eppic Skateboards, an early sponsor of guys like Kris Markovich, Sal Barbier, Bryan Pennington, Ross Pope, and Tony Buyalos. It's interesting to note his take on developing a team and not having pro models. Acme and Channel One were doing the same thing around this time as well. It makes sense financially and will prevent a company from exceeding their means from the get go.

Skate Warehouse was a mail order company out of San Luis Obispo, California. They published a black and purple paper on newsprint at least once. I have the first issue and have no idea if they printed any others.

Skate Warehouse - The Daily Grind Winter 90/91 - Volume 1 Number 1


nonickname said...

The drip board reminds me (graphically) of the G&S Ampersand, and later on Channel One did a sun graphic that looked a lot like the Sun Guy.

Somebody_Else said...

Yes I remember these ads

Anonymous said...

This is why I come here. Keep it up!

Justin said...


Yup, Ch. 1 did have a sun guy in like 1992 or 93. There is a similarity between the G & S rebrand and the Small Room drip. Most likely just a coincidence.