Thursday, August 25, 2016

Small Room Team #1.

Six Pack.

This is a sampling of the some of the guys who were on the Small Room team. A few of the riders went onto turn pro for other companies in the future and others rode on into obscurity.

Frank Hirata: He would soon end up on Powell Peralta and turn pro for SMA. He rode for Foundation, Maple and Media later on in his career. Frank also became involved in designing skateboard parks. When I was at the University of Arkansas, he came to Fayetteville to meet with the city about a skate park plan. He did skate the local shop's mini ramp after the meeting, but I missed it because I was teaching a class. My friends who worked at the shop said he was ripping on that cold night in the late fall.

Chris Watkins: I picked this one for the quote.

Sal Lopez: Small Room's famous tagline was "Send Whatever" and that's why I selected this ad. I do like how they made a lot of unusual shapes to put their photos in.

Joey Pulsifer: He would later ride for Maple, Generation, and War Effort. I think he might have been on Powell, too.

Mako Urabe: Mako rode for a few different companies in the 1990s, including Evol, Trust, Shaft, and Think. He was also on Shorty's and Etnies. Mako did some shredding at the first X-Games, if I recall correctly.

Tony Buyalos: He would go on to start Shorty's, the bolt company that branched out into decks in the second half of the 1990s and gave us pro boards for Chad Muska, Steve Olson, and Peter Smolik. Tony rode for Eppic before Small Room.

Frank Hirata: Thrasher - February 1990 Volume 10 Number 2

Chris Watkins: Thrasher - April 1990 Volume 10 Number 4

Sal Lopez: Thrasher - July 1990 Volume 10 NUmber 7

Joey Pulsifer: Thrasher - August 1990 Volume 10 Number 8

Mako Urabe: Thrasher - January 1991 Volume 11 Number 1

Tony Buyalos: Thrasher - April 1991 Volume 11 Number 4


Anonymous said...

This era was awesome. Frank turned pro for SMA.

Justin said...

I completely forgot that. I fixed it. Thanks.

He rode for Sims briefly when NHS was distributing them before switching over to SMA.

Ben said...

What was the early nineties sims video where they tried to make a comeback? This was when world, h street, and new deal reigned.

Justin said...

It was called the 2nd Coming. The video featured Frank, Andy Roy, Steve Allison, Ron Whaley, Israel Forbes, and Kanten Russell. Eric Nash was the lone holdover from the old Sims.

I don't think I've ever seen it before this morning. I didn't remember Kanten being on Sims. Nash rips.

Skately has it: