Friday, January 9, 2009

Ben Schroeder #2.

John Lucero kept a board on the market for Big Ben even when he was hurt. Schroeder has been through a lot of injuries, including a nasty car accident some years back, but as of late he has returned to form and is the one doing the hurting to ramps everywhere. He still rides Gullwings.

Transworld - April 1991 Volume 9 Number 4


Old School Sammy said...

If I'm not mistaken, Big Ben has a signature Truck from Navigator, not GullWing.

justin said...

NOOOOO! Even if it's true I want to cling to the belief that Ben has a massive supply of old Gullwings stored away that he uses. I just checked and he wasn't listed on the Navigator website. They aren't in his sponsors list on Pocket Pistols either. I do look at his trucks whenever there is a new photo in the mags and it always looks like he is still uses the Pro III's.

Old School Sammy said...

That's cool if he still does, even though the latter day Gull Wings were just a direct rip-off of the OG Trackers. I had read it in both Juice Magazine and Concrete Wave that Ben was on the Navigator program, but things could have changed since then, naturally. I mean, whoever saw Volcom tossing Ryan Scheckler aside like they shockingly did this week?

justin said...

The Navigator thing could be more recent than the photos or there could be some laziness with website updates.

The other option is that Ben is sponsored by Navigator, but rides the old Gullwings. Not like that hasn't happened before. You never stand between a man and his trucks of choice.

Scheckler off of Volcom is big news. Probably has to do with the recession. Or maybe somebody realized a hoodie that zips all the way up with a monster face on it is stupid.

Eken said...

The Ben/Navigator thing is skateboardings answer to "chinese democracy". A friend of mine got a mail from the man the other day that said he has a Bones wheel coming out soon. That´s cool!
Love your site!! //Eken. (Malmo, Sweden)