Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bobby Puleo #3.

Bobby had two banging photos in the May 99 issue of Slap. This was going to be yesterday's post until I turned a couple more pages and found the uphill 50 - 50. I figured I needed to start the week out with something amazing.

Speaking of amazing, check out the Weekly Image on Skate Daily.

Slap - May 1999 Volume 8 Number 5


Anonymous said...

I saw that photo on Skate Daily, and instantly I knew it was from the SF Back to the City contest. I remember reading about the contest in the Thrasher with Danny Way doing a mute to fakie in the bowled corner. That Thrasher was the 2nd maga I ever read. The 1st being the Wade Speyer cover, doing an Indy out of a curb cut.

Justin said...

That would be the contest.