Friday, January 23, 2009

Tony Ferguson.

"Haven't we seen you someplace before? Tony Ferguson lipslides backside over painted smoothness. Ottawa gas station."

This was from a Transworld tour of Canada. It was probably Tony's first major bit of coverage. He went on to ride for Plan B and turned pro for Girl.

I figured I needed to end the week with some street skating since next week is going to be Alien Workshop stuff from Photosynthesis. I made a list of the guys to find pictures of and I'm doing the scanning this weekend. It would be tempting to do a week of Rob Pluhowski, but I'm going to mix it up. I forgot about him until I saw the Epicly Later'd and I'm not sure how that happened either since I like Habitat's Mosaic video a lot.

Thanks to Police Informer for including Vert Is Dead in the links.

The photo is by Spike Jonze.

Transworld - January 1991 Volume 9 Number 1


matthew thompson said...

this reminds me of tom knox.

Keith said...

right on! I'm originally from Ottawa and 2 of my friends went to school with Tony, one of which is also featured in that article (Justin). I missed that Spike Jonze session. So bummed. Tony was H-Street flow in those days before Real, pre-Plan B, prior to Girl.

Karoumy said...

a couple of things:

tony is wearing a medicamento t-shirt. i remember he made those in high school. i don't remember anyone buying them even though we thought they were cool.

and i remember the "Haven't we seen you someplace before?" caption. we all thought that was a slight against him. like he was biting matt hensley (then again who wasn't back then). i don't know if that's the case or not but that's what we thought.