Monday, January 12, 2009

Bobby Puleo #2.

"grinding up in New York City"

Classic Puleo street action. I was going through my stack of old Slaps when I found this photo. I don't even remember it from when the mag came out, but it is fuckin' sick. That Girl board looks awesome, too.

Mike O'Meally took the photo.

Slap - May 1999 Volume 8 Number 5


smorales said...

if you haven't seen the new Pops choco ad then this is just eerie.

Keith said...

slap forum approved!

Sick photo.

justin said...

I saw the Pops ad on Saturday when I got the new Thrasher.

It was still eerie finding this photo on Sunday night.

The color coordination is amazing.

Royce59 said...
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Royce59 said...

LOVE the pic. I have been hoping this one would show up sooner or later. Bobby on Girl/Choco/Skatemental would be so good.

Here is the Pops ad.