Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Chad Muska.

"All I'm fuckin' doin' right now is skating and partying, that's all my life consists of. I'm not even into doing anything with my life. I don't even care. That's all I've ever done and that's all I plan on doing the rest of my life. I'm not even lookin' toward the future whatsoever. I'm just livin' day by day and doin' my thing and whatever happens, happens."

How did the Muska not win Thrasher's Skater Of The Year at some point in the late 1990s? He was hands down the biggest name in skateboarding from 1997 to 2000 and probably a little past that. I know there was some long since smoothed over politics between Jamie Thomas and Thrasher that prevented the Chief from taking SOTY, but what was stopping Muska? All the kids were either little versions of him or Jamie during those years with a few Tom Penny imitations thrown in the mix.

I think the first major bit of coverage that Chad had was in a Transworld article by Thomas Campbell on a road trip to Las Vegas in late 1993. This was an epic Mountain Dew and Taco Bell fueled tale involving the antics of a sizable crew in Sin City. The group included Tim Brauch, Jason Adams, Chris Pontius and Jesse Paez. They discovered the Muska and he had a couple of pictures in the story. He was soon sponsored by Maple, switched to Toy Machine and was kicked off to become the first rider for Shorty's board team. Chad also had one pro model sneaker on eS, which gave the world a shoe where you could hide your weed in a stash pocket in the tongue. Bless those stoners and their crazy ideas.

Here's the caption on Rick Kosick's photo:

"Chad Muska been born on the moon the way he defies gravity. F/s kickflip."

Big Brother - Number 20 early 1996


djtonto101 said...

Muska didn't win skater of the year because he shot 1 too many photos with "the other guy". Phelps quote from a past issue of Thrasher I have. He also said if you needed anyone to illusion flip or noseslide in "99, Muska was your man, classic Phelps

Royce59 said...
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AE said...

i started laughing when i saw that today's post was a muska post. i guess i didn't expect it because these days it's actually a rebellious act to speak of things chad muska related.

anyway, good post. while he was never a fave of mine, i always thought he was a really good skateboarder.

Keith said...

LOL Justin... Muska and Thomas clones all over the place in the late 90's!

"djtonto101 said...
Phelps quote ... if you needed anyone to illusion flip or noseslide in 99, Muska was your man"


I was never a fan. Never owned any Muska boards or Muska shoes. Glad I never lined that jackasses pockets.

The only cool thing he did was 50-50 the Gonz Video Days kinked rail.