Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jeff Phillips #8.

Jeff Phillips #8.

"If you were to ask someone who they thought would be the winner of the Dallas contest, nine out of ten times you would hear the name Jeff Phillips. Not wanting to let anyone down, Jeff put it all together and eased his way into first place."

One last post to make up for yesterday's sleepy and drunk entry.

O did the camera stuff.

Transworld - May 1990 Volume 8 Number 5


Old School Sammy said...

Hey you street flippy-dippy tech kids, peep the style on that frontside Ollie on the half pipe. Phillips had more style doing that trick than just about anyone, although fellow Texan John Gibson has super style on his frontside ollies (as well as his burly early-release frontside airs). Jason Jesse was also a master of the Frontside Ollie on vert, but Phillips to me was the first to take it up that high with such smooth style. Man, I miss those days...

matthew thompson said...

i totally remember these ads and photos, justin. thanks for the trip down memory lane. rip, jeff.

David said...

If I could do one trick on would be to be able to ollie that perfectly. RIP Phillips.