Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Jeff Phillips #4.

I never had a Jeff Phillips deck, but I wanted one. The boards looked like they had a very good shape with lots of concave and kick, especially in the nose. For a company that sponsored mostly vert pros, BBC boards seemed to be built for street skating. They appeared to be more functional than what Powell Peralta or H - Street were putting out. Whether that is how the boards were, I don't know. The Phelper even gave them the thumbs up in Product Patrol, so they couldn't have been that bad.

The shop in my town carried all the Life's A Beach clothing, but they never had the boards. They even had the Skaters From Uranus video. This was one of the first videos I ever saw, along with Public Domain and Streets On Fire. Looking back on it today, I think it was better to get a more rounded view of skateboarding than just the relatively safe Powell stuff.

This photo is from the Shut Up And Skate contest at the Skatepark Of Houston. The event happened in early November 1988. Tony Magnusson won, rookie Brian Pennington took second and Phillips placed third. Danny Way won the amateur contest.

Transworld April 1989 Volume 7 Number 2


Anonymous said...

BBC boards were rad. Way better shape, concave and kick than any Powell at the time. I had a few of the Reese Simpson decks. They were made for vert skating but ollies were so easy on those huge tails.

-Sea Cliff Vert Ramp

Justin said...

Good to hear. I had a feeling they were well made boards.

Keith said...

I had 1 BBC board back in the day. It was Jeff's first pro model on that company iirc. This one with the spiral. It totally sucked fwiw. Sold it a week later. Definitely a vert board that wasn't meant to work properly on the streets. Everything about it felt weird.

Justin said...

The tail on that thing looks harsh.

Sometimes a lot of concave looks good in the photos until you actually get to ride the board. A few of the Element decks in the late 90s had way too much.

Mike said...

I had a bbc jeff phillips back in the day, like 88,89. I wanna say it was a street version. I have no idea whatever happened to it even. Man do I feel old.

Anonymous said...

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