Friday, December 5, 2008

Reese Simpson #2.

"The subject is Reese Simpson, who's probably considered old and washed - up by the general skating public. But if you were to see him ride today you'd find out just how good he still is. He's a great friend and all - around one of the best skateboarders ever."

Jamie Mosberg's photo of Reese Simpson that ran in the Transworld photographer feature. There was a request for some Reese and I'd been meaning to put more pictures of him up on the site.

Transworld - March 1993 Volume 11 Number 3


Anonymous said...

Jamie Mosberg may have been a great skateboard video and photo guy, but back when he was riding at Cherry Hill in New Jersey, he was a really cliquish little dick head. Snaking anyone and everyone in the pools and halfpipe, shooting his board into the face of people taking pictures and being an all-around mouthy little areshole doesn't make someone cool to me, it makes them a too cool for school douche boy, which he was at Cherry Hill, and anyone who skated there that wasn't in his little Krypto/Jersey clique will tell you how they suffered for it whenver he was there---Fort Lee be damned. On the other hand, Resse Simpson rocks!

Anonymous said...

fuck yeah! thanks for the reese pic! - sea cliff vert ramp