Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jeff Phillips #3.

"Blunt at the Skatepark of Houston, 1988."

This is how Jeff did blunts. He'd pop out of the vert ramp and balance on the tail in the space between the coping and the deck. Then he'd yank it back in to fakie. Fucking gnarly. I don't think anybody else did the trick this way.

Another thing about Jeff is that he was into building models of Japanese animated characters. That is what is going on in the small picture of him holding the demon mask by Grant Brittain.

Tod Swank took the blunt picture.

Transworld - October 1988 Volume 6 Number 5


Neckdeep said...

We need more skaters like Jeff Phillips NOW.

Less PRods, JRogers and the like and more guys with REAL style and soul. Maybe that's why I prefer the past to the present.

Old School CT Sammy said...

The past was better because you didn't have silly tricks like manuals considered a staple of someone's trick bag. The manual is the biggest joke "trick" ever, wihout question. It's all fun watching "Battle at the Berrics," and all, but seriously, that flatground stuff is a gnarly as a Celene Dion song.