Monday, December 22, 2008

Jeff Phillips #2.

Do you still have your helmet with the skull painted on it?
Yeah, that helmet, people keep asking me, "Doesn't it smell?" Well, don't you think I change the pads? It's just a plastic shell. Come on. I've had it a long time.

Aside from the talent on the skateboard, Jeff was famous for wearing a helmet with a skull painted on the top. He's doing a frontside boneless in Arizona from 1987 for the big photo.

Both photos are by Grant Brittain. The question and answer are from an interview with Britt Parrott.

Note: The photo of Jeff holding his helmet was on a different page in his interview than the frontside boneless. I put the two together in Photoshop because it was a small photo and you can't do a feature on Jeff Phillips without mentioning the skull helmet.

Transworld - October 1988 Volume 6 Number 5

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fuck yeah! more phillips!!! - sea cliff vert ramp