Thursday, December 11, 2008

Matt Field.

Field ollies on an Anti Hero Andy Roy Elephantitis deck. He rode for Sheep before IPath started. Sheep was a short lived company done by Sole Tech. Ed Templeton, Frank Hirata, Rick McCrank, Brian Anderson, Mike Manzoori and Matt Reason all rode for them. They had one video called Life Of Leisure. I saw it exactly once and thought it was good, but I honestly don't remember anything about it since it was 11 years ago. Sheep was going more for the arty and/or vegan crowd. I liked their shoes and was bummed when they discontinued the brand. I don't know how much I would like the shoes today because I won't wear sneakers that are predominately black or white. Let's hope there is no reissue plan in the works.

I am by no means one to point fingers on spelling errors, but elephantitis was spelled wrong on the Andy Roy board. It should have been elephantiasis. This misspelling is a common mistake according to Wikipedia. Also in a bunch of the Sheep ads, Matt Field was named Matt Fields. I know this happens all the time in the skateboard world. I used to be a newspaper photographer and it always bothers me when I see a typo in a name.

Big Brother - December 1997 Issue Number 31


Royce59 said...

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od said...

whao nice to see that film again. charlie wilkins had an awesome style (and probably still has for all i know). visited boston store alan blizerian a few days ago and was surprised to see a few pairs of old sheep shoes. good memories.